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♪. She had d i a m o n d s on the inside .♪

When you have everything, you have everything to lose

Golden Brown Krystal Sweetness
29 October 1982
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unfadeable; so please don't try to fade me.

i'm a HUGE Cubs fan & my all-time favorite band is 311. i'm a scorpio, i'm kind, caring and sometimes too forgiving. i forgive, but don't forget. i laugh, a lot, at almost anything. i'm very independent and like to do things on my own; seldom do i ask for help, and if i do, feel very special. i'm sarcastic, goofy and ridiculously crazy at times. i can be loud, talkative and outgoing--most of the time i am--but i can also be super shy..if that's the case then i'm either uncomfortable in a situation or around somebody i like and afraid i'll say something stupid. i cry about silly things and when i'm mad i cry even harder and what i say doesn't make sense. it doesn't take much to catch my attention and keep me amused. i'm creative, i like to draw, even though i can't. i've been told i should be an elementary school teacher, but i don't have the patience. i'm picky and don't settle for something that i don't really want.

i love: softball, the beach, stuff about weather, spongebob, scary movies, decorating things, taking pictures, long island iced teas, helping people learn new things, Wisconsin!, my comfy bed, frogs!!!, staying up all night, my Altima, hurricanes (both the drink and the natural disaster), snow, naps, spaghetti, watching the clouds and stars, the color yellow, cooking, taco bell, hanging with my homies, and family.

Like I said before I'll say it once more
knew you would make me feel so good
wanna do you right
can't get enough, this is the stuff
life's about and it trips me out
gonna do you right